Job Search in the Conditions of a Crisis

Taking into account the current situation in the world, it’s getting more and more difficult to find a decent job. As one of my acquaintances has put it, “If you say you had a job in 2009, you won’t have to explain where you worked and what it was. Everyone will envy you just because you worked.”

As the crisis is moving forward and it’s hardly possible to predict its end, more and more people lose their jobs and get unemployed. Sometimes 보도 구인구직 this happens because the enterprise or organization stops existing, sometimes – on grounds of redundancy. Another problem some of us have come across is the reduction of salary due to the toughening of the working rules which is very often reflected in the increase of penalty sums, etc. Some companies save the situation downgrading their employees and thus cutting their expenditures.

So, what shall we do if the loss of the job happens to us? Some are getting desperate and just sit at home trying to guess what to do next. Others ask for help their friends, relatives, etc. to get at least some position. The minority (if there’s an opportunity), probably, have nothing against being unemployed and with great pleasure spend more time with their families, turning into housewives (when it concerns women), making glad husbands and children who might have forgotten what it’s like to see wife and mum so often. Definite age categories just retire to spend more time with their dearest. But the overwhelming majority starts looking for a job and become active job seekers regardless of age.

But there another problem comes to the forth: how to start a job search? Which resources to use? The easiest way is the Internet. Nowadays everyone can find what he/she wants, likes or needs among the variety of job search sites available. First, we usually try to find out whether any of our friends/relatives/acquaintances has tried at least some of them and what were the results. If we’re lucky, we’ll get some advice and our search will be more concrete and narrow. But what to do if we don’t?

Evidently, we’ll start with the most well-known and boosted sites like Monster or CareerBuilder. Very often, though, they’re not that efficient but rather time-consuming. Then it’s natural to turn to less advertised sites. Here the choice depends on the location where you’d like to find a job. In case it’s some definite location, it’s better to choose the site offering jobs namely in this region.

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